About Us

Our Mission

To advance business goals with forward thinking ideas and creative designs which inspire.

Our Values

Understanding the challenges clients face. Going beyond expectations to provide the solutions.

Our Vision

To be a leader at promoting businesses in Cambodia online at prices affordable for all.

Based in Siem Reap, but with a support structure across the world to add extra depth, knowledge, and immeasurable experience, the Designasite team's objectives are clear. To create a difference by giving each business who employ our services a unique identity and a strong marketing voice with a website which captivate audiences, create a desire for our client's products or services, and inspire online users to take action.

We are a small and dynamic team, young enough to present modern solutions in an ever-changing world, but old enough and experienced enough to be responsible, and to understand the concept of accountability, and of taking ownership. Understanding that for every Dollar spent there should be two Dollars return on investment, we see our self as an extension of your business, a partner so to speak, thus having your best interest at heart.

Our Step by Step Process

We Get Acquainted

For us to showcase your business, and describe its products and services on a website in a way which best illustrates your value and benefits to online users, you will need to tell us as much about what you offer as possible. The first step In our work process would therefore be to have a meeting with you so we may become acquainted with your business, listen to your specific requirements, and to offer guidance.

We Start Designing

Once we know what is expected of us, we will draw up and provide a detailed quotation within 24 to 48 hours. Upon your acceptance, we head for the drawing board and first plan a design which will best compliment your image online, choose the components most suitable for your type of business to maximize sales, and to make sure your brand remain unique. With a clear picture in mind of what we want to achieve, we start work.

You Review

Once we feel satisfied with what we have produced, and have tested your website for functionality, we present you with your new website. We then allow 2 days for you to do a review and request changes. We implement your requested changes, present you with the final product, and transfer ownership upon receipt of payment. If you wish, we can now start talking about further optimization and promotion on social media.