offers new web design packages, hosting services, website maintenance, and online marketing services upon the acceptance of our written quotation. Accepting our quotation imply accepting the following terms and conditions.

Payment Conditions

  1. In the event of designing a new website, a 25% deposit is payable before work commences.
  2. The remaining balance is payable upon completion of the website.
  3. In the event of large projects requiring more than one month's work, a further 25% down-payment is payable after 30 days of work commencing.
  4. Websites will only be made live, and ownership transferred, once full and final payment has been received.
  5. In the event of ongoing maintenance work and online marketing services, monthly fees are payable in advance.
  6. Late or non payment for ongoing maintenance work and online marketing services will result in temporary or permanent service suspension.
  7. Hosting service can be paid either monthly or yearly in advance. Late or non payment will result in service termination.
  8. Domain name registration is payable yearly in advance. Late or non payment can result in the loss of such domain name.
  9. Extra services/work requested after acceptance of our quotation and after work commenced will be charged extra, and included in the final invoice.
  10. Clients have the right to request a refund on un-used money in the event they are not happy with designasite's work. Refunds will be made at Designasite's discretion and after review whether complaints are reasonable.


Because Designasite may not have control over causes for delays, and because work completion may be delayed indefinitely as a result, designasite retains the right to put work on hold at its sole discretion when delays become unreasonable, and request outstanding payment in relation to work completed at the time of putting the project on hold. The following may cause delays in delivering services, or in handing over a completed website.

  1. Extra work requested after commencement of the project.
  2. When changes in the design is requested.
  3. When there is a delay on the part of the client to provide content, images, etc.
  4. Due to many variables involved in designing a website, the time frames to which designasite commits to complete a website is an estimate, and could vary within reason.

Prices displayed on this Website

  1. Prices displayed on this website are estimates and not fixed.
  2. Final prices will always be confirmed in writing by us.
  3. Prices does not include content/copy writing. Content is provided by the client, or will be quoted for separately by us.
  4. Designasite does not offer the services of a professional photographer, and images included in our prices are stock photos. Images of clients business to be provided by the client.

Liability Disclaimer

  1. Once websites are made live and ownership transferred to the client, designasite has no control over its contents, including but not limited to text information, images and graphics, video clips and sound bites, and therefore does not accept any responsibility for its contents.
  2. The constant change in technology requires regular updates of your website, its components, and security software to assist with your website's continued optimal functionality. Delaying updates or not committing to updates may cause a lack of your website's functionality.
  3. Designasite cannot guarantee your site against hacking. Although the chances of a hack occurring if you host your website on our servers and regularly allow us to update your site's software, hacking remains a possibility. We suggest obtaining relevant SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security for your website.
  4. Websites appear differently on different computers depending on screen resolution, operating system, and browsing software. Designasite can subsequently not accept responsibility

Our Responsibility to You.

  1. To provide a professional website designed to agreed specifications within a reasonably agreed time-frame.
  2. To host your website, if requested, on safe, fast and reliable servers.  
  3. To provide only the best and latest Joomla extensions, plug-in's and components for maximum website functionality.   
  4. To transfer all ownership, including ownership of your domain, access to your website back-end (CMS control panel), within 24 hours of receiving final payment.
  5. Once transfer is complete, and everything accepted to be in correct and in working order, you become in complete control of your website and solely responsible for what happens to it.

Non-Commercial Use Limitation

  1. This Website is for your personal and non-commercial use.
  2. You may not modify, copy, distribute, display, reproduce, or create derivative works obtained from this website.
  3. Copyright and Trademark Notices
  4. The contents of this Web Site belongs to designasite with all rights reserved.