If you are going to spend money to have a website built, you are surely expecting that it should increase the volume of your customers, which in turn will lead to bigger income and profits. To achieve that goal, your website will first need to rank high on search engines like Google where people will see it, and click on it.

Unfortunately, good rankings does not just happen by itself, and will first require that your web pages are properly optimized. In short, this includes the way web pages are designed, but also telling search engines and web users what your business is about, how it is different, and why you offer good online experiences.

Do not let this challenge discourage you though. Firstly, when you request us to build a new website for your business, the price will always include basic on-site optimization (SEO) so you can start off on the right note. Secondly, SEO is an ongoing service we offer to all our customers in Siem Reap, and the rest of Cambodia. You can find much more information about search engine optimization on our blog, but here are the basics you simply have to include from day one.


Good content is the most basic, but most powerful way to achieve higher rankings. The internet is about offering answers to questions, and if you provide those answers in your content, search engines like Google is going to love you. Making sure each of your web pages has enough content, That the information you provide is relevant to the search topic, and adding new information regularly will increase your popularity and keep you ahead of the pack. Need help with writing new articles, or improving existing content?

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting refers to identifying the words web users use to search online for services related to what you offer, and then incorporating those words into your content. The secret lies in choosing long-tail keywords, meaning, phrases made up of multiple words. Because web users have become specific about what they want, they use longer search terms. As a result, there are collectively more searches containing 3 or 4 words, than only one or 2 words. This allow the opportunity to be more creative in selecting search terms, and rank easier for popular keywords with less competition.

Link Building

Link building refers to acquiring a link from a website pointing to yours. When this happens, search engines see the link as a vote of confidence in the site to which the link is pointing, and will subsequently increase its rankings. But be wary how you approach this process, because if you do not stay within the search engine guidelines it could hurt, rather than improve your rankings. Our way to earn links is by writing interesting content, and then marketing that content via online social media channels. Now other website owners or bloggers who sees it and feels your content is useful to their readers will link to it naturally.